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Sleep Monitoring

The early detection of sleep related disorders through wearable devices has the potential for improving public health and making significant economic savings.


Alerte has developed an intelligent wearable system to allow early detection of sleep disorders.

Cardiac Monitoring

Stroke prevention through early detection of cardiac arrhythmia has the potential for improving public health and making significant economic savings.


Measuring a full quality ECG, continuously and comfortably from a simple wearable device, has not been possible until now. The use of artificial intelligence to automatically detect abnormal heart rhythms such as atrial fibrillation is a major advance.

Echo IQ

An echocardiogram is an ultrasound of the heart, providing detailed measurement of the heart’s structure and function. An echocardiogram is the most universal test of heart function available.


Alerte has been provided access to the world’s largest echo database, providing massive reference data to enable training of artificial intelligence systems. This will allow for a degree of automation of echo interpretation and reporting not previously possible, improving the accuracy and consistency of diagnosis.

Mobile Health Platform

Alerte has developed a mobile app that utilises live streaming technology to allow its artificial intelligence technology to analyse continuous data in real time.


Alerte’s health early warning systems have also been designed to allow integration with 3rd party applications and devices.