Alerte Digital Health | Sleep Monitoring
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Sleep Monitoring

Sleep Disorder

Alerte’s health early warning systems are ideally suited for the detection of sleep disorders which can cause serious long term health problems. Sleep disorders are often undiagnosed. An estimated one in ten adults has an undiagnosed sleep disorder.


Sleep disorders such as sleep apnoea are associated with irritability, fatigue, and potentially dangerous arrhythmias. The estimated cost of sleep disorders in Australia alone is over $3.6 billion a year and growing rapidly with an increase in chronic disease and an aging population.

Sleep disorders such as sleep apnoea are associated with irritability, fatigue, and potentially dangerous arrhythmias.

Current sleep monitoring equipment is often uncomfortable and inconvenient for the wearer.

Current Approach

Until recently, evaluation of sleep disorders has required overnight monitoring in a clinic or hospital. The equipment used is often uncomfortable and inconvenient for the wearer. The patient is also placed in an unfamiliar location and this can confound the results of the sleep test. There is also a high demand on sleep clinics and testing is usually limited to confirming sleep disorders where there is already a very high perceived likelihood of the condition. Sleep studies are not readily available for initial screening and monitoring patients who may otherwise appear well.


In recent years home monitoring devices have been developed by several companies to improve the convenience of sleep studies . These devices allow patients to undergo sleep studies in their own home, however they remain bulky and uncomfortable. They also require the data to be interpreted and analysed by a sleep specialist and as such are not ideal as a health early warning system. There is currently no accurate multi-sensor real time wearable device for detecting and classifying sleep disorders utilising advanced machine learning or artificial intelligence techniques.

Alerte’s Solution

Alerte has developed a prototype wearable sleep analysis device combining four sleep related markers for recognising snoring & respiratory dysfunction. This system has been developed in conjunction with a leading Australian sleep clinic. Alerte’s device enables early assessment of sleep disorders such as sleep apnoea via multiple sensors. An artificial neural network algorithm has been developed to process the acquired data and has been trained on over 20,000 studies. It is able to accurately and immediately recognise and record sleep apnoea events. Clinical validation of Alerte’s sleep system is underway comparing Alerte’s wearable prototype to full laboratory sleep monitoring equipment.


Alerte’s sleep monitoring system has the ability to use a smart phone or tablet app to stream data and control the wearable device. This has allowed web based and mobile applications to be developed to allow real time monitoring. The system has also been designed with a network architecture that will allow increased scalability with the addition of further devices and features in the future, including improved accuracy, convenience, ease of use, patient compliance & real time feedback to doctor.


Potential end users of Alerte’s sleep system are likely to be patients undergoing home screening for sleep disturbances. Whilst heavy snorers are the most obvious group in this category as this is often associated with sleep apnoea, there are a number of other potential end users. These may include operators of heavy machinery and commercial vehicles, shift workers, frequent travellers, and athletes. A significant proportion of patients referred to cardiologists and respiratory physicians may benefit from the Alerte’s sleep system. Health conscious consumers are another large group who can benefit from this technology.

Alerte’s Sleep Platform is much simpler and comfortable for the user.