Alerte Digital Health | Team
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Management & Advisors

Razali Mohamad

C E O / C T O

Co-founder of Alerte. His background in software development and mechatronics engineering provides expertise in the areas of algorithm development that underpins the Alerte system and sensor integration that is required to effectively measure Alerte’s health related markers.

Grant Bayne


A highly intelligent and motivated chartered accountant with over fifteen years’ experience in senior positions providing business and strategic advice to commercial, not-for-profits and the public sector.

Professor Neale Fong

Non Executive Director

Dr Fong is a registered medical practitioner with degrees in Medicine and Surgery and Master’s degrees in Business Administration and Theological Studies. He has over 30 years’ experience in medical and health care delivery and leadership roles, including serving as Director General of Health in Western Australia.

Professor David Playford

Medical Director

Professor Playford is Professor of Cardiology at the University of Notre Dame Australia (Fremantle), and at the Mount Hospital, Perth. He holds a PhD in vascular function and diabetes from the University of Western Australia, and a Harvard fellowship. He is a dual Fellow of the Royal Australasian College of Physicians in Cardiology as well as General Medicine, and a Fellow of the Cardiac Society of Australia and New Zealand. Prof Playford is the Principal Investigator of the National Echo Database Australia (NEDA) Project.

Dr Jack Philpott

Senior Scientific Advisor

Dr Philpott is a leading Australian respiratory physician and sleep medicine specialist. Dr Philpott served as head of the Department of Respiratory Medicine at Royal Perth Hospital before founding and running the largest specialist sleep clinic in Western Australia which has been operating for over 20 years. He is a recognised authority on sleep disorders and the key advisor to Alerte in the area of sleep monitoring.

Assoc. Professor Geoff Strange

Director Alerte Echo IQ Project

Geoff Strange is a professor within the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Notre Dame Australia. He is also on staff within the Department of Cardiology at The Royal Prince Alfred Hospital. He completed a PhD in cardiac research at Monash University, Victoria, researching epidemiological factors related to pulmonary arterial hypertension and congenital heart disease. He is the coordinator of the Alerte Echo IQ Project.

Professor Pierre Jaïs

Senior Cardiac Consultant

Pierre Jaïs is Professor of Cardiology at CHU Haut Leveque and co-director of LIRYC institute, Bordeaux. He is a world authority on cardiac electrophysiology and radiofrequency catheter ablation with over 412 journal articles, including 80 as first author. He has a particular focus in atrial arrhythmias.

Prof. Rukshen Weerasooriya

Senior Cardiac Consultant

Professor Weerasooriya is a cardiac electrophysiologist (heart rhythm specialist) in private practice in Perth. After graduating in medicine at the University of Western Australia, Rukshen trained in cardiology at Royal Perth Hospital and subsequently completed fellowship training at the world leading Hospital Cardiologique du Haut-Leveque in Bordeaux.

Dr Scott Martyn

Research & Development Consultant

Dr Martyn has multi-disciplinary training in pharmacology, medicine, and electronic engineering. He has completed a Doctor of Philosophy in nanotechnology from the University of Oxford. He has industrial experience in the medical device industry including in the research and development of point of care devices. He is currently engaged in clinical work as a registrar in a coronary care unit.

Engineering & Technology

Razali Mohamad

Chief Technology Officer

Razali has eight years of experience working in the field of applied mathematics, advanced sensor technology and robotics. Razali completed his Bachelor of Computer and Mathematical Science at The University of Western Australia and a Master of Engineering in Mechatronics at the University of Melbourne. He has a particular interest in the application of advanced Artificial Intelligence techniques in medicine.

Marcus Turewicz

Senior Product Engineer

Marcus graduated from the University of Melbourne with a Bachelor of Science (Electrical Systems) and a Master of Engineering (Mechatronics). He worked initially for a large multi-national automotive group focusing on process improvement in internal logistics. His expertise include sensor systems and manipulators, streaming technologies, artificial intelligence, web/mobile development and high performance computing.

Luke Bollam

Senior Product Engineer

Luke obtained a BEng (Hons.) in Mechanical Engineering at Curtin University. His career began in robotics and machine vision working on embedded applications to develop high performance real-time systems. Since then, he has developed his expertise in the fields of electronics and embedded systems design with a focus on wireless, wearables and low power.

Edward Bordin

Senior Product Engineer

Edward joined Alerte after working in the Australian Defence sector. During this time he worked with cutting-edge prototypes applying AI and sensor fusion to military applications. He also learnt valuable systems engineering skills working in the context of large, technically complex projects and safety-critical systems. Edward completed his Bachelor of Science (Software Systems) and a Master of Engineering (Mechatronics) at the University of Melbourne. He has a strong interest in AI and its potential to disrupt and revolutionise established industries.