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Our products use artificial intelligence to solve healthcare problems.

Our systems assist doctors to help people efficiently, affordably, and consistently.


Holter Cardiac Monitoring System

Atrio Holter System is an AI assisted, full Holter analysis software used to interpret and automate large amounts of ECG data.

Through the use of a web-based platform, Atrio allows for remote access and reduces the burden of expensive IT equipment and maintenance.

The most fundamental and powerful aspect to this system is the periodic AI re-training and update. Any new information entered by the physician or any AI corrected labels are fed back into the system. The AI then retrains and becomes more intelligent over time leading to more efficient and accurate performance.


Upcoming Products


Sleep Monitoring

Intelligent wearable systems for automated detection of sleep quality and disorders including sleep apnoea. Alerte has developed a prototype device combining four sleep related indicators for recognising snoring & respiratory dysfunction. It is able to accurately and immediately recognise and record sleep apnoea events.


Alerte Echo IQ

Alerte’s Echo IQ project aims to improve the efficiency and accuracy of the echocardiography process and to enable informed future medical intervention to prevent serious adverse cardiac events.