Building intelligent applications that address the challenges of rising health care costs.

By using artificial intelligence, Alerte’s applications can improve efficiency, reliability, consistency, and accuracy across the medical field.

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AI assisted, full Holter analysis software used to interpret and automate ECG data.

Providing AI powered technology to assist medical professionals.

Alerte’s focus is on developing efficient and automated medical technology through intelligent analysis of medical and physiological data.

Upcoming Products
  • Sleep Monitoring

    Automated detection of sleep quality and disorders including sleep apnoea

Intro to Alerte DH

Alerte Digital Health Pte Ltd (Alerte) is a company that believes in creating more efficient and productive medical service applications for sustainable global healthcare.


Addressing Problems in the Medical Industry

Developed nations face significant issues related to rising health care costs and demand. In cardiac care:

  • 1 An estimated 2.7-6.1 million people in the United States have AFiB. With the aging of the US Population, this number is expected to increase.
  • 2 $200M USD spent annually by the government alone on ECG related procedures
  • 3 Between 2010 and 2030, real direct medical costs of cardiovascular disease in the USA are predicted to triple, from $273 billion to $818 billion.
  • 4 The medical industry is ill equipped to meet this increasing demand for specialist cardiac care.

Providing solutions in AI technology

Alerte believes the way to reduce the economic burden of medical services is through advanced automation using AI. Using sophisticated automation algorithms, Alerte’s applications can improve:

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    Workflows become significantly faster and at lower cost.

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    AI applications can aid medical professionals to reduce human error.

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    Alerte’s applications all go through robust review systems and verification processes conducted by medical professionals and AI engineer specialists.

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    Alerte’s products standardise performance, reducing margins of error and delivering superior medical tools.

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    Alerte uses web-based platforms so medical professionals can access information remotely and in real time, improving service to hard to reach populations.

Diagram of algorithm learning

Reputable Team

Alerte combines leading medical experts with AI specialists to deliver an integrated diagnostic and early warning platform for cardiac disease. The development of this highly skilled team has enabled Alerte to obtain multiple investors, created essential partnerships and open up networking pathways while developing world class technology.


Razali, founder & CEO of Alerte at Startup Awards 2019

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