Alerte Digital Health | Mobile Health Platform
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Mobile Health Platform

All Mobile Health – One Platform

Alerte has developed a mobile health platform combining live streaming technology with artificial intelligence for continuous real time monitoring. The platform is extendable to digital medical devices that can communicate wirelessly to the platform or which utilise sensors already built into a mobile device such as a smartphone. The platform includes a mobile phone app with onboard AI, a large scale data management and AI backend.


A web platform has been developed to assist training AI for new devices. The platform allows for the applications to be able to run without the need to connect to the internet or consume large bandwidth or data quotas as the system has on board AI that analyses the information immediately as it is streamed into the device. This is crucial in the large scale adoption of mobile health applications.

Real Time Data Analytics

Data can be visualized in real time as it streams in from devices, to ensure signals are being measured properly and to allow medical professionals to make a diagnosis in any location. AI models can analyze the data streams in real time, providing information and alerts to users or their medical practitioners if abnormalities are detected.

Historical Data Analytics

Alerte uses powerful data aggregation techniques to analyze recordings, allowing users to track their progress and plan for better health.